Timeline and Schedule

It is important for your district to consider and establish a timeline and schedule of when specific actions and activities should be completed related to the seven-step Evaluation Process. This will help you and the school community easily keep track of and complete the requirements of T-PESS.

T-PESS Timeline Steps

Below is an example of an estimated timeline for completing the T-PESS process. Consider your calendar (traditional, year-round, etc) and make sure that all stakeholders involved with your evaluation know, understand, and comply with your established schedule and timeline.


T-PESS Timeline Checklist

The biggest advantage of a timeline is that it ensures consistency and fidelity to a process. The example below may not include all actions and activities required by your school district, but provides a starting point. Your timeline should align with established and required policies and state statutes and not conflict with other district calendars, schedules, and timelines. Below is a checklist for school districts as they create their timelines for the T-PESS process.